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Sep 15.08.d258/w38
Botanisk Have & Museum at Københavns Universitet

I recently discovered the Botanisk Have & Museum (Botanical Gardens & Museum) at Copenhagen University. It’s a great place, with plenty to see. I had some fun with my camera. Here are a few of the photos I took while there:

Pretty Lawns

Lilly Pads and Flower in the Pond

Bee on a Flower

Interesting Pink Flowers

Friendly Duck

Pretty Wooded Pond

Duck in Pond

Big Greenhouse

Incidentally, my camera is amazing. I bought it this past summer specifically for my trip. The 6X digital zoom is wonderful, and it helps an extremely novice photographer (me) take decent photos with very little effort or knowledge of photographic principles. If you’re in the market for a point-and-shoot digital camera, I can highly recommend the Canon PowerShot A720 IS. I don’t know why Amazon lists it at over $300 because I bought it for $199 at my local camera store. I’m sure there are other places to find it cheaper as well. The only drawback is that it’s a bit bulky, but otherwise it’s a marvel of a camera!

Sep 02.08.d245/w36
Copenhagen Canal Tour

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark! I arrived safely last Wednesday and have spent the past week getting acclimated to my new surroundings! It’s been amazing so far. Aside from this entry, I won’t be posting much about my trip here.

The school I will be attending took us on a tour of Copenhagen’s canals as part of our orientation, and I unfortunately didn’t bring my camera to take pictures. So I went back the next day on a different boat tour just to take some pictures. Here are just a few of the shots I took:

The famous new harbor

Copenhagen's famous new harbor



Its just so storybook-like!

It's just so storybook-like!

The famous Little Mermaid

The famous Little Mermaid

Opera House -- I think, I should have paid more attention on the tour!

Opera House -- I think, I should have paid more attention on the tour!

The Black Diamond (Royal Library)

The Black Diamond (Royal Library)

Bikes on Strøget, one of Copenhagens longest pedestrian streets.

(Not part of the canal tour). Bikes on Strøget, one of Copenhagen's longest pedestrian streets.