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Sep 22.08.d265/w39
Personality theories: insights on how much personalities can change

An important aspect of any theory regarding human personality is that theory’s views on how much people can change over time. Do people stay the same all their lives? If so, what accounts for that change, and how much can a person change? Such views give insight on how malleable the theory is. Two personality theorists, Hans Eysenck and Carl Rogers, both have ideas about personality theory offer interesting insights on how much people can change.

According to Rogers, the individual is responsible for his or her own personality. In fact, there is no certain kind of person. Rather, Rogers argues that there are simply ways of living. One such way of living that Rogers claims is most important is self-actualization, the tendency to grow in ways that lead to self-enhancement. By nature, people work towards this tendency. When it comes to change, Rogers believes that there is no limit. Self-actualization is not a specific end-goal, rather, it is something to strive for. The therapy that Rogers developed—client-centered therapy—supports his view. Instead of presenting clients with assumptions and judgments about their behavior, the therapist empathizes with them and helps them come to their own conclusions about their behavior. This can lead to change in any direction.


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Happy 4th of July!

It’s Independence Day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.