Kidsongs Sing Out America!

So far, every category on this site has at least one entry — except for “In Retrospect.” As stated on the About page, “In Retrospect” takes a look back at toys, games and other fads from my childhood. I have plenty of ideas for this section, the first being Kidsongs!

If you grew up in the ’80s and early- to mid-’90s, you may remember the Kidsongs videos! I believe there was a television show as well. Each Kidsongs video told a little story around central theme — A Day at Camp, I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing; Cars, Trains and Planes, etc., and the kids in the video would “tell” the story by singing and acting out familiar songs. For example, in the Day at Camp Video, they sang “The More We Get Together” on the bus ride to camp, and “On top of Spaghetti” while they were eating dinner, and so forth. The videos were never overly silly or goofy, and they didn’t look down upon their audience (something I can’t say for a lot of the kids’ stuff coming out today, but maybe I am biased). Plus, each video came with a sing-along card that contained the lyrics for all of the songs featured in the video. The only thing I didn’t like about Kid Songs is that they had a tendency to rewrite lyrics for well-known songs to make them shorter or to fit with the video’s storyline.