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Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson

Lady of Light and ShadowsA little less than a month ago, I posted a review of C.L. Wilson’s novel, Lord of the Fading Lands, the first book in the Tairen Soul series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to read the second, Lady of Light and Shadows. Yesterday I finished it, and here is my review!

In Lord of the Fading Lands, we met Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey, and his newly claimed truemate, Ellysetta (Ellie) Baristani. The Tairen and the Fey are in danger of dying out, and when Rain appealed to the gods for a way to save his people, they led him to Celieria City in the land of Celieria — and to Ellysetta, a peasant, a woodcutter’s daughter.

The first novel spent a lot of time introducing Ellie and Rain and the tensions caused by their mating. In Celieria, the social class structure is very rigid, and many of the nobles weren’t willing to welcome someone they considered a common peasant among their ranks. But at Rain’s insistence, people gradually start to warm up to the idea. Dorian, the King of Celieria, is also part Fey and so he’s sympathetic as well. Ellie is trying her hardest to become “cultured” into the noble society. Plans for her and Rain’s wedding are under way. After the wedding, the two will head to the Fading Lands, where Rain hopes Ellie can help him figure out a way to save the Tairen and the Fey.


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Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson

Lord of the Fading LandsI am currently reading Lord of the Fading Lands, C.L. Wilson’s debut novel. I came across this book by accident when I passed the new book shelf at the public library. The amazing cover is what compelled me to pick the book up. The blurb on the back was very short and did not tell me much about the book. But it looked very interesting and so I decided to give it a try.

A few days later when I finally got to opening it up, I was pleasantly surprised. The first chapter drew me in right away. It introduces Rain Tairen Soul, the King of the Fey (a race of magical humans with cat-like eyes). The Tairen are dying out (the Tairen are winged, cat-like creatures who have a crucial bond with the Fey. Each race’s survival depends on the other to survive), and Rain is not sure how to save them, and in turn, save the Fey. As a last resort, Rain touches a sacred object and appeals to the Gods, asking what needed to be done to save his people.

The Gods direct him to Celieria City in the land of Celieria, to one individual in particular — Ellysetta Baristani. Celieria’s inhabitants are mortal humans, ruled by a king and queen. Ellysetta (Ellie) is the daughter of a woodcarver. Her family is considered to be among the lower ranks of society. The nobles of Celieria are very particular about their social status. Ellie is about 24 years old and her mother and father are anxious for her to get married, as is the custom for women of that age. However, Ellie is not like most Celierian girls. She does not have the usual “Celierian look” and she’s tall, awkward and unattractive in the eyes of others in the city. So it would be very difficult for her to find a suitable man. However, the only man who is interested in marrying her is obnoxious and Ellie wants nothing to do with him. Her mother, serious about Ellie getting married, goes ahead and makes arrangements for Ellie to marry him, however.